Leading Step Up

How Does it work?

Is Step up right for your context?

Step Up is a great way of being intentional about discipleship in your church context.  Do you want to help people grow into their identity as a child of God? Do you want to help people identify their gifts and calling from God? Do you want to see people released to be bringers of the Kingdom? Then Step Up could be for you.   It releases people to be ‘yeast in the dough’, influencing the discipleship of all those around them through their response to Jesus. 

What are the requirements for starting?

Step Up works best when it is led by a small team from your church/town to help with the leading and administration of the sessions. Having a degree of continuity in the leadership of the sessions across the year helps participants to gradually share more of their story and how God is working in their life, and for the leader to facilitate discussions in a more meaningful way.

It is also ideal to have 6-10 participants who commit to go on the year long journey together.   If you have more interest than this, running separate groups would be recommended.  

How do we support you?

We can offer support and training for all those stepping into a leadership role.  This could be via face-to-face meetings, or Skype calls if that is more practical.

We also provide a recommended programme, handouts and teaching notes that you can adapt to suit the needs of your context.

You are also free to use publicity materials that we have developed, and we can include your details on this website.


If you’re interested in leading Step Up click here to contact us for more information.


Step Up has helped me to understand my identity as a child of God and given me confidence to live that identity.  It has been great to discuss life in the group and help each other grow in our discipleship.

Step Up 2019

Step up has helped me grow as a Christian. I feel more confident talking to others about my faith. I have loved spending time every week with others on the same path to grow closer to God. Thank you StepUo team!

Step Up 2019

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